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    The doctors have 69 programs to specialize in the country, as well as scholarships to study in the best universities worldwide.

    The RBSO, published by Fundacentro, organ of the Ministry of Labour and Employment was created in 1973, during the military government. His career includes three phases, the first as a vehicle for disseminating knowledge and accident prevention policy; then from 1980, it opens the space for scientific technical publications, at the same time the theme health worker opens. From 2005-2006, the newly independent editorial structure takes its indexation in the SciELO Brazil collection in 2013, when it passes more shipments. The high rejection rate (85%) contributed to the significant improvement in impact indexes and ranking by the Qualis-Capes.

    Initially, it was thought that the disturbances caused by humans, especially since the Industrial Revolution with the use of fossil fuels and the excessive use of natural systems, could only …

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  • Heart Fun Run, a charity event in favor of Health

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    The new app collects health data and teaches you all your apps dedicated to your health fitness. We have also created a tool for developers: it is called HealthKit, and allow apps to work together to help you stay in shape. Maybe it start a revolution as healthy.

    Institutions awarded in this category are distinguished by their sensitivity to identify the most relevant population for care needs, their views on who should receive the care, the quality with which it provides and their operational capacity. Also, laureates are noted for creating alliances that ensure the permanence of the programs and their impact on the beneficiary population. The strategic vision, introducing innovations and their ability to be replicated in different communities in the region, are key elements to be considered exceptional institutions.

    Likewise, he said that is not tolerable that is punishable by imprisonment for women who are in this …

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    The winners in this category are recognized by the international scientific community who have worked in the region and the results have been successfully applied, effectively reducing the gaps in health researchers face. It stands out for the effort devoted to the dissemination of knowledge and training of human resources to strengthen research capabilities in the region and thus consolidating health systems for the benefit of the population.

    This report, part of the Transparency section of the website of the federation also echoes of the projects concerning labor integration, leisure and free time, awareness and care for people with mental illness in centers prison. Once inside we select the categories you want to export and choose how often you want the data is collected (one each day one at a time). If we take months to collect better data export different categories separately to avoid saturating the app we …